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The Unnamed Video Game Challenge is a series of youtube videos where Matt Eades and Kevin Beier  see who can win the most of 101 NES games. The first video was uploaded on December 13, 2011 and has since had a on-again off-again upload schedule. Eades has said that after Kevin and Himself finish the challenge they would like to do a second season with a different console, but they wouldn't do best of 101 again. The Unnamed Video Game Challenge can be watched here .


Game Winner
Paperboy Eades
SmashTv Kevin
Track and Field Kevin
World Games Eades
Bomberman II Eades
Bubble Bobble Kevin
Super Jeopardy Eades
Galaga Eades
Burger Time Kevin
Bad Dudes Eades
Black Jack Eades
Tecmo Bowl Kevin
Vegas Dream Eades
SCAT Kevin
Super Mario Bros. Kevin


Jurassic Park Draw
Dr. Mario Eades
Pro Wrestling Eades
Goal Kevin
Blades of Steel Kevin
RC Pro AM II Kevin
Wheel of Fortune Kevin
City Connections Kevin
Family Feud Eades
Marble Madness Kevin
American Gladiators Kevin
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Kevin
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu Eades
The Three Stooges Eades
BaseWars Kevin
Eliminator Boat Duel Eades
Gradius Eades
Millipede Kevin
SkyShark Kevin
WWF King of the Ring Kevin
Thunder & Lightning Eades
Qix Kevin
Klashball Eades
Lode Runner Kevin
Tagin' Dragon Kevin
Jeopardy Anniversary Edition Eades
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Eades
Toobin' Eades
Hollywood Squares Eades
Karate Champ Kevin
Elevator Action Eades


Super Dodgeball Kevin
Mendel Palace Eades
Battle City Kevin
Win, Lose or Draw Kevin
Magic Darts Kevin
Little Ninja Brothers Eades
Mermaids of Atlantis Kevin
Double Dare Eades
Tiles of Fate Kevin
Trojan Eades
Bible Buffet Kevin
10 Yard Fight Eades
Super C Kevin
Terra Cresta Kevin
Rush'n Attack Kevin
Thundercade Eades

Kevin is currently beating Eades 36 to 29. At the begining of the Bible Buffet Kevin is award 1 bonus point. He is given this point because unaired episodes became corrupted causing them to give up the points from those episodes.


Jurrasic Park is the only game to end in a draw.

Eades has won every Jeopardy game played during the challenge.